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When communities share perspectives and think together, new knowledge and ideas are created. Experience the power of collaboration and co-creation with the GLF, and help develop new ways to address the challenges the world is facing.


We all have different experiences and skills; true collaboration leverages the strength of our diversity. Listen deeply, reflect and think creatively in GLF Communities of Practice (CoPs) and other activities to uncover the assumptions and biases that limit current thinking.

Current Collaborative Outcomes

Gold Standard

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The Decade of Ecosystem Restoration

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Collaborative Community


Want to bring people together? Build a team and start a local GLFx chapter. Organize regular events, partnerships, and projects to connect, share, learn, and act in your local landscape.

Food and Livelihoods Community of Practice (CoP)

Virtually meet with different stakeholders from across the globe to share knowledge and best practices on the topic of food and livelihoods. Create new connections and partnerships by joining this CoP.

Generation Restoration

To restore the earth’s ecosystems, we all need to take action. Sign up to take part in the latest youth initiative on restoration.

Digital Events

From digital forums to #GLFLive and digital conferences, the GLF showcases knowledge and solutions on topics ranging from biodiversity to restoration and climate justice.