GLF Live with young Africans that are transforming their landscapes


Currently, almost one-fourth of the people in the world under the age of 35 are living in Africa. A whopping 60 percent of the continent’s population is under the age of 25.

While this booming young demographic comes with a fair share of livelihood challenges, it also presents enormous opportunities for restoring African landscapes through green jobs and new means of sustainable agriculture.

In this GLF, four young African environmentalists come together to discuss the efforts they’re making to transform their landscapes to be vibrant, valuable and sustaining not only now but for future generations as well.


Working for a vibrant, valuable, and sustainable future


Moderated by Kenyan environmentalist Wambui Paula Waibochi, Adrian Leitoro, GLF’s 2022 Restoration Steward for drylands; Safiatou Nana from the Ouagadougou chapter of the GLFx restoration initiative; and Patricia Kombo, UNCCD Land Hero, exchange solutions and discuss what leadership looks like in the African context:

  • Environmental education is an enabler of sustainable development and has a central role in restoration. It is also a great way to bring together communities and knowledge into action – “I believe communities are changed by action and not by opinions,” says Patricia Kombo.
  • Tailored policy and access to finance are key to enabling young Africans to become the future green workforce. Safiatou Nana shared some of the actions the GLFx Ouagadougou chapter is taking to promote green jobs in Burkina Faso, including sustainable agriculture activities and restoration of former mining land.
  • Innovation and support to communities on the ground are fundamental for young Africans to come up with solutions to their landscape’s needs. “If you have an idea, just do it,” says Adrian Leitoro.

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These young Africans are shaping their continent’s landscapes

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