Launchpad: A Philosophy of Landscapes

5 Dec 2018

Commonland’s framework focuses on generating 4 returns (social, natural, financial and inspirational) via a stakeholder management process in 3 landscape zones (natural, combined and economic zones), to develop investable business cases with long time horizons of at least one generation.

Digital Summit: Engaging the Private Sector in Integrated Landscape Approaches

6 Nov 2018

Engaging the private sector is a key action area within the African Landscapes Action Plan (ALAP), which, like AFR100, contributes to the African Resilient Landscapes Initiative (ARLI). Our digital summit panelists will provide insight from both the landscape partnership convener perspective, and from the private sector already engaged in landscape management initiatives.

Policy Plenary followed by Closing Plenary

2 Oct 2018

The correct enabling environment is key for transformational change. The plenary will investigate the key policy changes that have or are in the process of being undertaken to create more sustainable landscapes in the region. Additionally, policy makers will be challenged to promote policies, initiatives and other elements that move discussions from “pledging” to action.

Summary and Closing Statement – Blue carbon Summit

24 Jul 2018

Closing Statement of the Blue carbon Summit.

Coastal blue carbon (seagrass) and climate change

24 Jul 2018

Despite Indonesia being recognized as having seagrass ecosystems with some of the greatest diversity in the world, the sustainability and management of these ecosystems receive relatively little attention. Many critical and significant roles of seagrass such as carbon sequestration and storage, the stabilization of sustainable artisanal fisheries and other services need to be explored further. […]

Scott Goodson shares his views on how the GLF can meet its goal to reach 1 billion people

5 Mar 2018

Author of “Uprising: How to Build a Brand and Change the World by Sparking Cultural Movements”, Scott Goodson founded StrawberryFrog in 1999 and brought Movement Marketing to the world. His groundbreaking ideas and nimble agency quickly gained the attention of the marketing world with award-winning movement campaigns and innovative communications for some of the world’s […]

Mexico’s Felipe Calderón on how to make land restoration profitable: energy, cities, landscape

5 Mar 2018

The former president of Mexico, Felipe Calderón, thinks that most degraded land can be restored in a profitable way — but “creative” approaches are needed to make restoration projects attractive to investors. Global Landscapes Forum, Bonn, Germany.

“What are you sinking about? Landscape carbon accounting – BIG TIME!” – Alexander Lotsch

17 Jan 2018

The Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes is pushing the envelope with a new and innovative approach to account for carbon emissions from landscapes. The resources and ideas generated through this initiative support and incentivize countries in implementing ambitious and transformative plans that harness their landscapes for development while contributing to global climate change mitigation.

Planet for sale – Dr. Tony Simons

10 Jan 2018

Tony Simons, Director General World Agroforestry Centre, give a talk at Landscape Talks, Global Landscapes Forum, Bonn, 20 December 2017.

Lessons learnt from Peru to Papua New Guinea – Hannah Peck

21 Dec 2017

Cool Earth has been trialling methods of direct giving to rainforest communities for forest protection for the last ten years, focusing particularly on income generation schemes. This talk briefly describes the journey and shares some of the similarities in issues faced and successes found working alongside different communities from Peru to Papua New Guinea. We […]