Restoration Alliance

What is the restoration alliance:

The Restoration Alliance is the GLF body that leads action on the ground. Whether that’s by planting trees, recovering coral reefs, connecting stakeholders, or creating a local community, the Restoration Alliance is on the front line of action for the sustainability of landscapes around the world – and for contributing to global efforts under the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

Become a part of the restoration alliance

Are you action-oriented?
Do you love to lead by example, and want to connect locally and globally with other restoration actors?
Join our Restoration Alliance community!

To become part of the Restoration Alliance, choose your favorite way:

  1. Submit your interest to host a community-led GLF chapter in your landscape (applications are on a rolling basis)
  2. Apply to be one of next year’s Restoration Stewards (applications are open once a year for two months – sign up to the YIL newsletter to ensure you don’t miss the next application period!)

Restoration Stewards are:

  • Young actors on the ground, who are leading restoration activities in different land- and sea-scapes; 
  • Global and local advocates of restoration, inspiring people in their landscapes and through their social media;
  • Selected once a year. From then on, they remain part of the Restoration Alliance as Restoration Stewards alumni.

Community-led GLF Chapters are:

  • Local communities and groups around the world that connect, share, learn and act towards sustainable landscapes; 
  • Convenors of place-based dialogues on local landscape issues and solutions;
  • Focused on accelerating and scaling local projects to conserve and restore their landscapes.

Our partners

Restoration Alliance Contacts

Yemi Adeyeye

GLFx Coordinator


Anna Bucci

Youth Coordinator