Become a GLF Sponsor

By sponsoring GLF, your company or organization will contribute to the world’s largest forum on sustainable land use and development. Your brand will be associated with a movement that in the past six years has reached more than 231.5 million on social media and 250 million+ through traditional media. Some 3,900 organizations, governments, universities, corporations and community groups have participated, and 150,000 people from 150 countries have attended GLF conferences. GLF participants and members are today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. Already, the GLF’s youth programs have directly impacted more than 20,000 youth under the age of 35, and more than 4,600 print, broadcast and radio media cover the GLF across the world.

And we are making a difference. We are greening Africa through the AFR100 and Latin America through Initiative 20×20. We are fighting to save the world’s peatlands through the Global Peatlands Initiative and its coastal communities through the Blue Carbon Partnership. We are developing innovative finance mechanisms to invest in sustainable farming and supply chains with the Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) and the Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility, among others.

We aspire to create a movement of one billion people acting in concert to create a sustainable world. Join us!

Sponsorship Table
Exclusive benefits of sponsorship packages include logo representation, active participation at GLF events and reserved speaking spots for your organization. In addition to the table below, special sponsorship packages can be tailored to meet the needs of your company or organization.

Membership FeeAbove $300,000$150,000$75,000$25,000
A. Strategic and scientific involvement
Collaboration and sharing of best practices, scientific research and ideas
with the platform
Representation on the GLF Knowledge Committee (where applicable)
Input and involvement in determining strategic direction and work plans
via annual meetings
Participation in developing strategic direction and work plans in
collaboration with the GLF management team
Authorized association and use of the GLF logo and brand
Active participation in annual GLF conferences
Active participation in ongoing GLF activities, encompassing the knowledge hub, learning lab, collaborative platforms for engagement and outreach activities
B. Exclusive benefits throughout Global Landscapes Forum 2018 activities
Sponsor 10 participants from a targeted group of your choice below to
attend the GLF:
Indigenous People
Exclusive Sponsorship for any of the below activities of your choice:
Landscape Talks
Youth in Landscapes activity
Blog and photo competition
YouTube series
Landscapes Academy
National Dialogues
Dragons’ Den
Landscapes Laurel
C. Pre-activity benefits
Prominent logo representation on all online and print communication platforms
Hyperlinked logo representation on
Featured logo representation throughout all related promotional
D. On-site activity benefits
Complimentary Pavilion at GLF (space: 8 x 8 meters)
Complimentary tabletop exhibition or similar activity during GLF (where
Reserved speaking slot during GLF (where applicable)
Opportunity to organize a session or similar activity during GLF
Organize a Launchpad during any of the GLF conferences of your choice
(Annual, Regional or Thematic GLF event)
Logo representation on the conference’s program brochure
Digital and/or print logo representation during all plenary session breaks (where applicable)
Digital and/or print logo representation during specific session breaks
(where applicable)
Digital and/or print logo representation at strategic locations
Acknowledgment of membership at the activity’s opening and/or
closing remarks
Complimentary passes to attend annual GLF conferences100502510
Complimentary meeting room (capacity: 10 people)
E. Post-activity benefits
Receipt of the activity/event report
Access to the complete delegate/participant list