7 March 2023

Join a digital forum to learn about the latest developments in carbon markets and new and upcoming finance regulations for sustainable land use.

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Until recently, the financial sector has been slow to recognize the threat that unsustainable land use poses to climate change, biodiversity, water use, rural poverty and inequality. The Luxembourg–GLF Finance for Nature Platform aims to shift financial flows towards sustainable land use models that are sustainable, equitable, inclusive and profitable. To achieve this vision, the partners are committed to sharing knowledge on existing innovations and continuously building new solutions, enhancing the mainstreaming of sustainable finance for nature-based solutions, and catalyzing private sector engagement in sustainable land use financing. The collaboration is  initially planned to run between 2021 and 2024. 

The Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration (FOLUR) Impact Program is based on the growing recognition that food production systems and land use must improve for the health of people, planet and economies. With a commitment of $307 million from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and expected additional co-financing, FOLUR will promote sustainable integrated landscapes and efficient food value chains at scale. Structured with a Global Platform and 27 country projects, FOLUR aims to transform global food and land use systems so that production areas are better integrated, producing ecosystem services and maintaining natural capital.

GLF Investment Case Symposiums

The GLF Investment Case Symposium has become one of the top sustainable finance forums globally, providing a regular convening space for a powerful community of leading sustainable financial actors that review and launch new innovative strategies for land-based investments. We selected 2,200 participants to participate in person at the first four Investment Case events in London (2015, 2016), Washington D.C. (2018), Luxembourg (2019) and Glasgow (2021) while thousands more tuned in virtually via live stream.


Hosted digitally and in Glasgow alongside COP26, the 5th GLF Investment Case Symposium at GLF Climate hybrid conference made a unanimous call for ambitious, concrete action to stop the climate crisis with the help of forest restoration, resilient food systems, and sustainable finance.

On 30 November 2019, the Global Landscapes Forum convened in Luxembourg for its fourth annual Investment Case Symposium, this year examining the question: How can we move sustainable land-use financing into the mainstream?

On May 30, almost 9,000 people tuned into the Global Landscapes Forum Investment Case in Washington, DC to connect, learn, share and act around mobilizing capital for landscape restoration and sustainable investment.

The second GLF Investment Case Symposium took place in London on 6 June 2016 and brought together experts from the financial services industry with leaders from the corporate sector, government and academia. The event offered a unique platform for experts to explore the role of private finance in enhancing livelihoods and landscapes across the globe.

The GLF Investment Case, convened at the Royal Society in London on 10–11 June 2015, brought together experts from finance and investment to create a roadmap for sustainable landscapes finance. The invitation-only expert symposium sought to overcome barriers to sustainable landscape investments and to scale up existing solutions.

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