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From monoculture to farming with trees

When farmers practice agroforestry on their land, the benefits spread far and wide. Crops are better protected from the elements, diversifying yield and income after an initial investment. But trees have more benefits: soil retention makes communities less vulnerable to natural disasters.



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Acorn – Agroforestry CRUs for the Organic Restoration of Nature – is an agroforestry program that unlocks the international voluntary carbon market for smallholder farmers. Acorn’s mission is to combat climate change, land degradation, and food insecurity with an inclusive agroforestry solution. This solution balances competing land use demands in a way that benefits both human well-being and the environment. This means land use that has a positive impact on food supply and livelihoods, the economy, environmental restoration, climate targets, and development goals.



Acorn has developed its own tailor-made approach for a more scalable and inclusive certification process directed at small-scale agroforestry projects. Acorn’s certification approach and the requirements projects must adhere to, are described in the Acorn Framework.

Publisher: Rabobank

Language: English

Year: 2023

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): Global

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