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The Acorn Framework for voluntary, ex-post, agroforestry carbon removal units

About Acorn


Acorn – Agroforestry CRUs for the Organic Restoration of Nature – is an agroforestry program that unlocks the international voluntary carbon market for smallholder farmers. Acorn’s mission is to combat climate change, land degradation, and food insecurity with an inclusive agroforestry solution. This solution balances competing land use demands in a way that benefits both human well-being and the environment. This means land use that has a positive impact on food supply and livelihoods, the economy, environmental restoration, climate targets, and development goals.


The purpose and scope of this document


Acorn aims to give smallholder farmers cost-efficient access to international carbon markets and enable them to transition to agroforestry at scale. To do this, Acorn has laid out a robust Framework that ensures a scalable and accessible approach to carbon certification, which is complemented by the Methodology.

By publishing this Framework for agroforestry projects at the smallholder level, Acorn aims to stimulate substantive dialogue and knowledge exchange toward a highly trustworthy and more accessible carbon removal market. Acorn also hopes to contribute to accelerating the development of market standards that incorporate cutting-edge technology solutions for measurement accuracy – building a carbon removal market that is consistent and recognizable for all stakeholders.


Publisher: Rabobank

Language: English

Year: 2021

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): Global

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