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Food & Livelihoods

Sharing is caring: How seed saving can restore food sovereignty

Indigenous youth are bringing traditional farming back to Mindanao

07 Jun 2023
Food & Livelihoods

Ocean ranchers: Can aquaculture fill our bellies whilst serving the sea?

As the sector expands, here’s our chance to get things right from the start

01 Jun 2023

‘The Indigenous future is today’: Brazil’s Free Land Camp

A conversation with Tarisson Nawa and Ariane Susui

29 May 2023


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GLFx Yaounde tree planting activity
GLFx Chapters

GLFx Yaounde tree planting activity

On April 20, SUHUCAM/GLFx Yaounde participated in a tree planting activity organized by the North West Regional Governor in collaboration with the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife. They were delighted to honour this invitation and to plant our first try in the city of Bamenda. In total, 5000 trees were planted across the city with support form the Regional assembly and local councils. Learn more
Seven young changemakers restoring the Earth
Restoration Stewards

Seven young changemakers restoring the Earth

Meet the new group of young restoration practitioners who will receive funding, mentorship and training to deepen the impact of their work in forests, wetlands, oceans, drylands, mountains and peatlands, and raise local awareness of the importance of healthy landscapes Learn more

In the spotlight

No ecosystem should be left behind

Dwi Riyan, one of our Restoration Steward sharing his journey on wetlands restoration

Pongo-dopsi: Working with local communities to preserve coastal areas

Through the Pongo-dopsi program, we hope that Pongo Ranger can pioneer the Ketapang coastal conservation movement by involving various stakeholders

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Join a global movement of 60,000 young people bringing positive change for the sustainability of their landscapes


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David Santiago Rocha Cárdenas

Dwi Riyan


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