As the climate and biodiversity crises mount, making an impact can often seem futile. After all, how often do we see meaningful action on the global stage? Here’s a different perspective: positive action is already happening, led by local communities pursuing environmental and social justice. By donating, you can be part of this story and stand in solidarity with them.

We, the Global Landscapes Forum, have the honor of collaborating with 44 amazing restoration leaders and local communities from across Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. These incredible people are developing and materializing projects around the world. 

From women-led initiatives creating seed banks in Kenya to Dayak people fighting peatland fires in Indonesia, to farmers working with regenerative practices in Colombia, these projects support community livelihoods and nurture nature in all kinds of landscapes and seascapes. 

Through our GLFx network and Restoration Stewards program, these landscape leaders have access to direct funding, mentorship, training and a global stage where they can share knowledge, meet other like-minded people and swap stories about their work, including maintaining living seed banks, developing restoration-friendly entrepreneurships, preserving ancestral wisdom and advancing methods to plant mangroves.

Our goal is simple: to connect them with resources that they can use to build a better world.

Will you join us?

With your support, we can:

  • Support their attendance at crucial events like Climate and Biodiversity COP gatherings
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing between these impactful groups at restoration events
  • Fund initiatives to scale their local projects
  • Provide them with strategic training.

Your donation isn’t just money – it’s an endorsement of restoration leaders who are creating the change we need to see. So, let’s do this together and make the world a better place, one local initiative at a time!



Act locally, impact globally

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