Landscape Talks

The GLF is founded on evidence-based research, scientific progress and innovation.  To showcase the latest developments, the GLF hosts short, focussed 7 minute talks delivered by experts, leaders and stakeholders designed to concisely deliver cutting-edge ideas to their audience.


10 Dec 2018

Landscape Talks – John E. Fa: Wild game in wild spaces

Wild animals have been hunted for their meat, hides and other body parts since prehistoric times. In the tropics hunting of...

27 Dec 2018

Violaine Berger – Forging public private civil society partnerships to address deforestation

This Landscape Talk will demonstrate how public-private-civil society partnerships can help address complex challenges such as deforestation, using the example of...

27 Dec 2018

Re-imagining palm oil: A living landscape approach in the heart of Africa

This talk will present the Olam Palm Gabon plantations, the world’s first independently verified climate-positive palm plantations, which have catalysed a...

27 Dec 2018

Rhett Butler – Big talk: How to effectively communicate conservation science

Focused at the links of communication and impact assessment, my talk will offer some practical take home advice for communicating conservation...