At the GLF, we believe that learning is the foundation of long-lasting change. Through collaborative learning among diverse stakeholders, conflicts can be mediated and solved, and innovative solutions to global challenges can be created. This is at our core, and is why we are committed to building a vibrant global community of practitioners engaged in experimental and shared learning experiences. This is key for accelerating the integration of landscape approaches in national policy, civil society, corporations and international organizations.

Our learning activities

So far, we have developed three types of activities. For professionals currently working in landscapes, we help them understand landscape approaches and how to operationalize them within their own contexts. For this, the Landscape Academy brings together relevant online and offline training opportunities that you can then choose from to create a customized program. Moreover, a specially designed set of online Cerfiticate Programmes offers you the opportunity to cement your knowledge and skills to become a recognized landscape professional.

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We support young people, especially students, to develop their own integrated landscape visions and prepare for their futures practitioners, policymakers and various other professionals within landscapes. We work with universities and colleges across the globe to develop integrated landscape curricula that cut across different knowledge areas, combined with trainings on the requisite skillsets for their careers. Learning events, Summer Schools and form the basis of this youth program, aiming at nurturing a new generation equipped to change landscapes in interdisciplinary, integrated new ways.

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We reach out to landscape programs and projects currently developing cutting-edge learning experiences, and support them in sharing them with a wider audience. To facilitate global connection, our ‘learning hubs’ are vibrant places where dynamic people can come together to exchange knowledge and discuss their experiences. GLF offers a wide range of platforms and means of support to ensure each program and project reaches its desired learners.