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Sustainable forested and agroforested landscapes can improve the social and environmental welfare of the planet, but these landscapes don’t come free. Ensuring that lands have the health and support they need to provide resources that alleviate poverty, produce nutritious food and give home to many biodiverse forms of life, they need investment of time, labor and money. So how can landscapes attract more funds? How can the future benefits of sustainable land use bring in more investment now? What risks need to be minimized and deliverables be mapped out? Increasing investment in sustainable landscapes requires new ideas, creativity and knowledge — including yours.

The Forest, Trees and Agroforestry (FTA) program of the CGIAR, the Center for International Forestry Research and Tropenbos International (TBI), and the Global Landscape Forum are now hosting an e-dialogue to gather a multitude of thoughts and opinions on how to make sustainable land use more financially attractive.

The results will be summarized and further discussed with financial leaders at the GLF Luxembourg on 30 November 2019.

Your voice is needed. Join the conversation, and get your ideas into the global dialogue on the future of landscapes and finance.

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