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What’s your vision for Earth?

15 Jun 2023

Food prices and hunger levels have soared in the past two years: over 250 million people now face severe hunger amid war in Ukraine and widespread drought across every corner of the planet. Something needs to give – and we want to hear your vision of a more resilient future for all of us. Read on to learn more and weigh in on these crucial conversations.

What El Niño means for the climate

25 May 2023

El Niño is on its way: scientists say there’s an 80% chance it’ll develop by September, bringing higher temperatures to most of the world for the next few years. Are we ready? This October, join us in writing a survival guide for a planet in crisis at GLF Nairobi. Plus, the latest announcements, opportunities and environmental stories in this month’s GLF newsletter.

4 things to know about sustainable finance

19 Apr 2023

What comes next for sustainable finance – and how can it create real impact for grassroots communities on the frontline of the climate crisis? In this month’s newsletter, we’re bringing you four things we’ve learned about sustainable finance so far this year, plus new announcements and some notes from our recent visit to India.

Meet these 16 women healing our planet

16 Mar 2023

Last week, we celebrated International Women’s Day by giving a shout out to 16 incredible women working to rebuild our relationship with the Earth. Read on to find out who these 16 women are – and get a sneak peek at our next events this year.

Last chance! Grab your ticket to the 6th Investment Case

15 Feb 2023

There’s less than a month to go until the 6th GLF Investment Case Symposium. On 7 March, join thousands for a day packed with interactive and expert sessions, plenaries, dialogues, exhibitions and much more. Read on to learn more and get your ticket. Plus, learn about community forestry and how it can solve the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges in a free e-course.

Is 2023 the year of sustainable finance?

16 Jan 2023

Is this the year we finally figure out a solution to the climate and biodiversity crises? Perhaps a bit optimistic there, but we’re genuinely excited for what 2023 has to bring as our flagship sustainable finance event returns. Read on to find out what’s on the agenda and how to sign up.

What will you remember about 2022?

16 Dec 2022


THIS WEEK: What is a stewardship economy?

8 Nov 2022

The COP27 climate summit has kicked off in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Will world leaders finally hammer together a meaningful deal? Deal or no deal, we’re playing the long game and examining how humanity can survive the warming that has already been locked in. This week, join us online or in Egypt at GLF Climate 2022 to have your say on what we can do now.

Last chance! Grab your early bird ticket to GLF Climate

13 Oct 2022

Next month, world leaders will be gathering in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, to hopefully flesh out a new deal to solve the climate crisis once and for all.

Your tickets to the GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference

12 Sep 2022

This week, join thousands of people online at GLF Africa to rethink Africa’s food future. Read on to learn more, and get your ticket now. We’ve also got two more big events this year that you won’t want to miss: GLF Climate alongside COP27 and our Digital Forum on transforming agrifood systems with forests.