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About the Restoration Experiences Digital Forum


The climate and biodiversity crises are already affecting people and landscapes around the world. But there’s one natural remedy that can tackle them both: restoring degraded and damaged landscapes.

There are already countless restoration projects that are turning degraded landscapes into beacons of hope and resilience. At the Restoration Experiences Digital Forum, we got the chance to get to know some of these projects and meet the people behind them.

Discover how local restoration projects are reshaping landscapes globally, and get inspired to start your own!


Project Presentations Unveiled


These slides showcase the presentations delivered by each restoration experience project. Get to know these amazing restoration champions, and discover the valuable lessons embedded in their successes and challenges. Dive into the milestones that define their journey, and embrace the friendly calls to action they passionately support.

Language: English

Year: 2023

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): Latin America

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