Outcome Statement – Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case 2016

On 6 June 2016 at the Royal Society in London, over 300 senior representatives from the financial sector, civil society, government and business came together at the second Global Landscapes Forum: The Investment Case. The event explored the role of the financial sector in imagining, innovating and investing in sustainable landscapes.

These were their key messages:

  1. New business models, financial instruments and regulations need to come in at different scales and provide support at different stages and over different timeframes.
  2. Technology is needed to make sustainability simpler and cost effective.
  3. Risks have to be mitigated and trust built – for investors and their customers
  4.  Access to good quality data and using it is essential.
  5. We need to start communicating alternative value propositions, collaborating across sectors and value chains.


Author: CIFOR

Publisher: CIFOR

Language: en

Year: 2016

Location(s): Global

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