Outcome Statement of the 2016 Global Landscapes Forum: Climate Action for Sustainable Development

More than 5,500 stakeholders from forestry, agriculture, water, energy, law, finance and more came together for the fourth annual Global Landscapes Forum on 16 November, 2016 in Marrakesh. The thematic event, convened by a cross-sectoral consortium of international organizations, encouraged the exchange of the latest climate and sustainable development knowledge and research that will enable the transition from global commitment to local action.

The Outcome Statement highlights four cross-cutting key messages that sum up some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities for moving towards sustainable landscapes:

  1. Strengthening cross-sectoral collaboration efforts
  2. Increasing engagement with local stakeholders
  3. Pushing to mobilize the private and finance sectors
  4. Implementing new technology and tools to increase transparency and effectively


Key outcomes:

  • 5,500 participants in person and online from more than 95 countries, including:
    • More than 20 Ministers and Heads of State
    • More than 45 organizations facilitating discussions
  • 89% of respondents found the event to be of good or excellent quality
  • 59% of respondents indicated they will apply knowledge learned at the GLF to future or current research and work
  • Significant increase in GLF’s reach during the event’s campaign, as evidenced by:
  • Announcement of Germany’s partnership with the GLF throughout 2017-2020 as the GLF seeks to engage with one billion people in embracing the landscapes approach as the optimal scale for climate and development action.


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Author: Global Landscapes Forum

Language: en

Year: 2016

Location(s): Global

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