Banking on REDD+: Can bank and investor risk policies on soft commodities benefit REDD+?

This UN-REDD Info Brief assesses whether and how soft commodity risk policies by banks and investors could potentially benefit UN-REDD countries to achieve REDD+ results based on an analysis of risk policies from a range of financial institutions. This brief has been produced in parallel with a report by UNEP (2015) titled ‘Bank and Investor Risk Policies on Soft Commodities’ that approaches the same topic from the angle of the financial industry, providing greater clarity what criteria banks and investors can adopt in risk policies to reduce the probability of clients having significant impacts on (tropical) forest ecosystems from soy, palm oil and beef production.

Author: Ivo Mulder (UNEP)

Publisher: UN-REDD Programme

Language: en

Year: 2015

Location(s): Africa

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