Event Report: Digital Forum – Can Tree Planting Save Our Planet?

Millions, billions, trillions? How many trees does the world have to plant to address the climate crisis, while restoring the landscapes that provide humans with food and livelihoods? Trees perform a range of beneficial functions by storing carbon, absorbing pollution, protecting soil, regulating water supplies and supporting biodiversity. Scientists estimate that an additional 1 billion hectares of forest on the planet could even cut atmospheric carbon by about 25 percent. Yet tree planting is not a stand-alone solution in the fight against climate change and must be viewed among various strategies on the path to building resilient landscapes and a sustainable future.

Key Messages

• The right tree for the right place and the right purpose: Tree planters should become tree growers with a long-term time horizon.
• The right tree requires the right seed source. To plant and grow a diverse range of trees means having quality seeds available in the necessary quantities.
• Tree planting is one tool in the fight against climate change and must be supported by other measures, such as carbon emissions reduction and forest conservation.
• Technology and techniques – drones, smartphone apps, remote imaging – accelerate the planting process and provide essential information on potential sites, growth monitoring and natural regeneration.
• Inclusion of local communities, women and youth is vital in the decision-making process to help ensure the survival of a planted tree.

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum

Language: English

Year: 2020

Ecosystem(s): Forests

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