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2016 Global Landscapes Forum Concept Note

The 2016 Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) will be the leading platform for sustainable land use, alongside UNFCCC COP22, featuring more than 30 interactive sessions and exhibitions to present the latest science, launch new initiatives and pitch innovative ideas for climate action based on sustainable land use.

The GLF will provide a dedicated space for leading climate and development experts to:

  • Identify solutions that help realize both development and climate goals on the ground;
  • Measure progress towards ‘climate in development’ goals in landscapes, based on the latest science; and
  • Build a platform that inspires local action for global goals.

Accompanied by online events and a global social media campaign, the Forum will reach 500 selected participants onsite in Marrakesh and hundreds of thousands around the world.

Author: Global Landscapes Forum

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum

Language: en

Year: 2016

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