Human dimensions of forest landscape restoration

Forest landscapes, once covering half of Earth’s landmass, now only occupy about one-third, with ongoing loss at a rate of 10 million hectares per year. To counteract this trend, forest landscape restoration (FLR) has gained momentum in recent decades. However, the emphasis has predominantly been on natural sciences, often overlooking the critical role of human dimensions in these restoration efforts.

The concept of FLR, articulated through the six principles of the Global Partnership on FLR, underscores the centrality of humans in the restoration process. Humans are integral to the social-ecological systems (SES) where FLR unfolds, influencing and being influenced by forest landscapes through emotional, political, cultural, economic, institutional, and behavioral interactions.

While governments and communities globally have committed to ambitious forest restoration targets, successful initiatives often hinge on understanding and integrating these human dimensions effectively. Yet, there remains a gap in understanding and practical guidance specifically addressing these aspects within the context of FLR.


Key messages


This joint report by IUFRO, WWF, SER, and UNIL addresses this gap by:

  1. Exploring the diverse intersections between human dimensions and FLR.
  2. Identifying crucial intervention points within human systems to facilitate FLR processes.
  3. Providing practical guidance for practitioners, particularly ecologists and foresters, to integrate human dimensions into FLR initiatives.

For practitioners, academics, and decision-makers committed to enhancing FLR outcomes through a holistic approach that incorporates human dynamics, this report serves as a pivotal resource. Download the full report and explore deeper into its findings.

Author: Mansourian, S.; Derkyi, M.; Djenontin, I.; Marlène, E.; Oldekop, J.; Pacheco, P.; Burns, J.; Diederichsen, A.; Kleine, M.; Vallauri, D.; Walder, B.

Language: English

Year: 2024

Ecosystem(s): Forests

Location(s): Global

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