The Restoration Seed Capital Facility – promoting investment in forest landscape restoration

Why a Restoration Seed Capital Facility?


Half of all forest has been cleared and degraded. An investment in forests is an investment in our future. The Restoration Seed Capital Facility will help the powerful forces of private finance recognize and seize the opportunities of nature-based solutions to combine productive activities with healthy ecosystems. This Facility will contribute to tackling climate change, protecting biodiversity, and creating long-term resilient jobs in communities, thereby helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and commitments under the Paris Agreement and the Bonn Challenge.


What does the Restoration Seed Capital Facility do?


The Restoration Facility will promote private investment in forest restoration by making it easier for fund managers and investment advisors to set up funds dedicated to such activities and to bring projects to implementation faster. As a result, more projects will get funded, project developers and financial actors will enter the market in more significant numbers, and the field will mature and scale up.


Visit the Restoration, Seed Capital Facility website for more information.

Publisher: The Restoration Seed Capital Facility

Language: English

Year: 2022

Location(s): Global

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