Roots of Prosperity: The economics and finance of restoring land

The premise of this report is that there is an urgent need to increase financing for restoration, and there are many pathways to make this happen.

This publication explains seven key barriers to investment in restoration and highlights policy solutions and financial mechanisms—many of which are already in play—that can be used to overcome these barriers. Through a discussion of the financial and economic issues surrounding restoration, the report encourages governments and practitioners to conduct analyses and enact strategies that support forest and landscape restoration.

Economic analysis can encourage investment in restoration by clearly laying out the benefits and costs of restoration projects and their distribution among stakeholders. This report helps policymakers understand the full suite of benefits and costs associated with restoration and outlines the four main analytical tools that can be used to carry out this economic analysis. The report also summarizes existing research on the economic costs and benefits of restoration in Africa and Latin America and makes the case for developing a central database of research findings on restoration.

Author: Helen Ding; Sofia Faruqi; Andrew Wu; Juan Carlos Altamirano; Andrés Anchondo Ortega; Michael Verdone; René Zamora Cristales; Robin Chazdon; Walter Vergara

Publisher: World Resources Institute

Language: English

Year: 2019

Ecosystem(s): Uncategorised

Location(s): Africa, Global, North & Cental America, South America

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