Scan Guide: Policy and Regulatory Dimension of Food Safety, Food Fortification, Food Loss and Waste, and Livestock Production

An assessment tool for improving national food systems


IFC Scan Guide is a new tool developed by the IFC Food Safety Advisory team to support the analysis of the policy and regulatory dimensions of four aspects of a country’s national food system: food safety, food fortification, food loss and waste, livestock production (animal welfare and use of antibiotics).

The publication provides a list of assessment questions in these four areas to allow users to identify challenges and transformations. Identifying the challenges and transformations could increase efficiency in protecting consumers, and improving national food safety while supporting and creating a sustainable food industry Initially developed at the request of IFC teams engaged in the food sector across emerging markets, the IFC Scan Guide incorporates years of experience of IFC specialists working in different regions and contexts. Our team hopes that this Scan Guide will become a useful and practical assessment tool for everyone who is involved in developing, maintaining, or improving national food systems.


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Author: International Finance Corporation

Publisher: World Bank Group

Language: English

Year: 2022

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): Global

This publication is focused on value chains in support of the work of the Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration Impact Program (FOLUR), with funding from the Global Environment Facility.

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