State of Finance for Nature

No one can be in any doubt that we are in a planetary emergency. The interrelated crises of biodiversity loss, land degradation and climate change — driven by unsustainable production and consumption — require urgent and immediate global action.

The new “State of Finance for Nature” report assesses how much public and private investment is being directed towards nature- based solutions and provides insights into the extent to which governments, businesses and financiers are “walking-the-talk”. By comparing existing capital flows to recognized investment needs, the report quantifies how serious governments, businesses and financiers really are about tackling the biodiversity, land degradation and climate crises. The findings are clear: we are not investing nearly enough in nature. Indeed, investments in nature-based solutions will have to triple by 2030 and increase four-fold by 2050 if we are to have a shot at solving the planetary emergency.

Click download to find out more, or visit the report’s dedicated website for a deeper delve into nature-based solutions financing.

Author: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP); World Economic Forum; Economics of Land Degradation Initiative (ELD); Vivid Economics

Publisher: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Language: English

Year: 2021

Ecosystem(s): Uncategorised

Location(s): Global

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