Structural Hurdles to Large-Scale Forest Restoration in the Brazilian Amazon

Despite the recognition of socioeconomic and environmental benefits, global movements to valorize restoration as part of climate change mitigation activities and successful implementation of small- to medium-scale forest restoration projects, the Amazonian forest cover has steadily declined, and forest restoration is restricted to single initiatives. Weak governance is considered one of the underlying reasons, but a set of technical and socioeconomic issues further impede large-scale restoration in the Amazon. In addition to noncompliance of rural properties with environmental legislation, labor and capital-intensive forest implementation, insufficiently structured markets for diversified silviculture, knowledge gaps and logistic difficulties represent further forest restoration barriers in the Amazon. Here, we address these structural hurdles to overcome challenges and achieve large-scale forest restoration in the Brazilian Amazon.

Author: Markus Gastauer; Rosane Barbosa Lopes Cavalcante; Cecílio Frois Caldeira; Samia de Socorro Nunes

Publisher: Frontiers

Language: English

Year: 2020

Ecosystem(s): Forests

Location(s): Brazil

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