Synergies across a REDD+ landscape: Non-carbon benefits, joint mitigation and adaptation, and an analysis of submissions to the SBSTA

International policy makers are currently exploring methodological matters associated with non-carbon benefits and joint mitigation and adaptation approaches as they relate to REDD+. Although few pilot projects are exploring these issues, emerging evidence shows how these approaches can be implemented on the ground. This analysis draws from the scientific literature on non-carbon benefits and joint mitigation and adaptation, evaluates recent submissions to the SBSTA on these issues, and provides information for the negotiations on these approaches. (Infobrief, 8 pages)

Author: Elias, P.; Leonard, S.; Cando, L.; Fedele, G.; Gaveau, D.L.A.; Locatelli, B.; Martius, C.; Murdiyarso, D.; Sunderlin, W.D.; Verchot, L.V.

Publisher: CIFOR

Language: en

Year: 2014

Location(s): Global

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