Tackling the risks of wildlifeborne disease pandemics – policy and investment priorities

Despite a recent spike in awareness on the risks that human-wildlife interactions pose to global health, emerging evidence indicates that outbreaks of animal-borne diseases are on the rise, mostly due to environmental degradation via the intensification of agriculture and other commercial activities such as wildlife trade, poaching, husbandry, fishing, infrastructure development, mining and logging.

This paper provides clear guidance for Northern and Southern development policymakers on how to prevent, detect and respond to spillover events, and ensure that COVID-19 recovery efforts minimize, rather than intensify, risk.

Watch the corresponding session that took place at the GLF Biodiversity Digital Conference: One World – One Health here: Tackling the risks of wildlife-borne disease pandemics – policy and investment priorities

Author: Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum

Language: English

Year: 2020

Location(s): Global

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