The Forests of the Congo Basin: State of the Forests 2021

The “State of the Forests of the Congo Basin” report is published periodically to present the state of the forest ecosystems of Central Africa and how they are managed. Following the 2015 edition devoted entirely to climate change, the 2021 report takes up several themes and is presented in four parts.

The report begins by examining the state of the resource, which is increasingly recognized across the world as a forest area crucial for carbon sequestration and for the conservation of biological diversity. The Congo Basin forest ecosystems are then put into perspective within the global context of discussions that can guide the management and governance of the entire world’s tropical forests for decades to come.

The report addresses topical issues such as peatland management and the relationship between the biodiversity management and the emergence or re-emergence of zoonotic diseases. And COVID-19 features notably in the chapter on this topic. Finally, the report identifies the main challenges that need to be addressed to achieve sustainable management of forest ecosystems in the Congo Basin, with the goal of ensuring that management contributes to improving the livelihoods and living environment of local communities and indigenous peoples.

Publisher: Central Africa Forest Observatory (OFAC)

Language: English, French

Year: 2021

Ecosystem(s): Forests

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