Global Landscapes Forum Inclusion Policy

The value of inclusion is central to the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF). We aim to set a positive example to our partners and community on best practices for including and respecting our diverse stakeholders. We would appreciate everyone’s consideration of the below points, and welcome any feedback on your experience with and at a GLF.

Connect by listening

Listen with respect and a willingness to understand and learn from all points of view. Listening with an awareness of your judgments and assumptions is one of the greatest tools to foster and co-create new thinking.

Share with everyone in mind

We encourage session hosts to design their activities to be as engaging and participatory as possible. Moderators and speakers should be well-briefed and rehearsed. Any Powerpoint presentations should be used as an aid and prompt only, keeping text to a minimum. Be mindful of any technical terminology and jargon that may be unfamiliar and potentially alienating to some participants.

Learn from others

We value the experience and contribution of every member of the GLF community equally, regardless of age, gender or professional status. If you are hosting a session, please reflect this when selecting and interacting with speakers and your audience. If you have asked for a youth representative for your session, please discuss with them beforehand how they would like to be valued during your session, and what experience or perspective they would most like to contribute. Please aim to have an equal gender balance on your session panels, and be mindful of ways to include women’s voices and encourage their participation throughout the entirety of the session, for example during question and answer times. Try to consider all relevant global perspectives, and to give equal weight and value to a variety of stakeholders’ knowledge and experience.

Act with consideration

Please ensure you are punctual in attending and conducting sessions and take part in any speaker briefings to which you have been invited. We are aware of the pressures of time-keeping when running a session, and we advise that you agree before the session starts how you will indicate and keep time, to ensure that all speakers are given adequate time to share their knowledge and points of view and to avoid abruptly cutting off any speakers. Please respect the personal space and customs of others by not requesting selfies with people you are not already acquainted with or making similar requests that could potentially make any participants or speakers uncomfortable.