The Bonn Challenge’s ambitious global forest restoration targets were set during a high-level event in 2011 in Bonn, organized by the Government of Germany and IUCN. These targets were later endorsed and extended to 2030 by the New York Declaration on Forests at the 2014 UN Climate Summit. This plenary session will bring together representatives from AFR100, BMZ, IUCN and WRI, which are among the key public, non-profit and private-sector organizations supporting implementation of the Bonn Challenge in Africa. They will discuss achievements to date and challenges to be addressed. Topics to be addressed include:

Preparing to meet the Bonn Challenge goals: Panelists will provide updates on national commitments, funding, coordination and leadership, and support provided to local initiatives.

Identifying barriers and incentives: Panelists will summarize some of the knowledge generated from applying ROAM (Restoration Opportunities Assessment Methodology) and other research and planning tools concerning social, economic and governance factors contributing to success – or impeding progress. The panel’s private-sector representative will reflect on experiences reported from investing in landscape-based enterprises.

Benchmarking and defining progress: How are partners measuring and defining progress? What has been achieved so far, what and where are the gaps, and how can these be closed?

Afternoon Plenary Restoring Africa’s Landscape – Connecting Efforts – GLF Accra 2019

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