Media seminar: Working away at climate change 


In preparation for COP27, and in a time in which fact-based reporting must serve as a cornerstone of climate action, the Global Landscapes Forum and Pulitzer Center have prepared a two-day free online seminar Working away at climate change for English-speaking journalists to better examine climate change through the lenses of the rights and labor of the most vulnerable populations.

Watch leading reporters, editors and researchers from around the world discuss about the regional and global impacts of climate change on health, migration, productivity and more. Hear of the latest advancement for Indigenous Peoples’ land rights as well as the rising concept that puts people at the center of novel economic frameworks.


Agile reporting on labor migrations


As climate change forces people away from their homes, workforces are interrupted and forced to adapt to incoming and outgoing populations, bringing massive market implications on global scale and upheaval at the local level. In this session, two Pulitzer Center journalists and an expert from the UN International Organization for Migration share insights from some of the regions facing migration most – India, Iraq and Latin America and the Caribbean – to compare and contrast how environmental and cultural landscapes are handling climate migration.

Agile reporting on labor migrations

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum (GLF)

Language: English

Year: 2022

Ecosystem(s): Agricultural Land

Location(s): India, Latin America

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