Discussion Forum 7: Spatial planning for landscapes: country experiences and global strategies

10 Dec 2018

Spatial planning frameworks have traditionally focused on developing settlements and related infrastructure. Environmental concerns such as biodiversity conservation and climate mitigation and adaptation generally are not reflected as an integral component in the design and implementation of land-use plans. Even if they are considered, the focus and impact of the planning frameworks is often localized rather than landscape and ecosystem wide.
In this session, IUCN and partners would like to:
– introduce experiences from Tanzania, Zambia, Vietnam and Colombia on how to integrate biodiversity and climate adaptation considerations in various planning processes
– present a global overview of policy and legal tools to support the integration of planning with conservation and climate commitments
– share learning resources on integrated planning

The discussion aims to revolve around:
– linking on-the-ground experiences with a global policy and legal check-list for landscape planning and concept for connectivity conservation
– spatial planning and the protection of natural area in the context of urbanization
– enabling policy and legal conditions to maximize environmental gains in the effort of balancing competing interests at landscape level

The session panel will be a balanced representation of stakeholders at local, national and international levels with gender balance, and from multidisciplinary perspectives.

  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

  • Alejandro Iza

    Head Environmental Law Programme, IUCN

  • Alfred Herberg

    Vice President and Head of the Section "Conservation, Development and Sustainable Use of Nature", Federal Agency for Nature Conservation (BfN)

  • Barbara Lausche

    Director of the Marine Policy Institute (MPI), Mote Marine Laboratory

  • Christopher Kaoma

    Head of Spatial Planning for Wildlife Protected Areas for the Department of National Parks and Wildlife of the Ministry of Tourism and Arts in Lusaka, Zambia

  • Stephen Nindi

    Director General, National Land Use Planning Commission, Tanzania

  • Gisela Paredes

    Coordinator of the Technical Secretariat, Commission of Territorial Order, National Department of Planning, Colombia

  • Cecilia Mbati

    Senior planner at the Department of Physical Planning , Ministry of Local Government in Zambia