The talk will have a strong community focus and will include learning around how to support women, girls and vulnerable groups to find their voice in decisions around natural resource management and particularly with respect to growing their role in the administration of Payment for Ecosystem Service funds in historically patriarchal societies.

The talk will have a strong focus on restoration and financing sustainable landscapes, more specifically it will explore:
1.How restoration can integrate multiple goals (e.g. ecosystem resilience, development, climate protection, adaptation)
2. How private-sector led restoration is employing monitoring approaches to measure success in landscape restoration (Eddy covariance, camera traps, and peat
monitoring systems (hydrology and peat subsidence).
3. Compare and contrast (a) company-led and (b) community-led initiatives

This talk will discuss how FFI and partners have been achieving this by working at different scales, exploring a variety of financing models and technical approaches, from more private-sector led efforts to those that are very much community-designed and led.

Dorothea Pio – Coupling restoration finance streams for long-term success

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