HOST: Global Crop Diversity Trust

The expansion of agriculture and the loss of biodiversity are usually perceived as simultaneous trends. But agriculture depends on biodiversity – in fact, its very foundation lies in the astounding range of crops, trees and livestock that underpin our whole food system. Even the loss of one crop variety or livestock breed can make agriculture more vulnerable to the negative impacts of climate change. So, instead of seeing the surge of agriculture and the conservation of nature as opposing forces, both trends can become complementary and symbiotic if we learn to safeguard, and consume in a sustainable way, the agrobiodiversity within our food systems.

The Food Forever Space is a half-day session focused on bridging this gap and reconcile the global agendas on food and agriculture and biodiversity. By engaging stakeholders across the food chain, from chefs and food advocates to scientists, corporate leaders and policy makers, the Space will explore how strategic partnerships can help meet development and sustainability targets in a cost-efficient, mutually-beneficial way.
The half day will include, among others, informative dialogues delving into the potential of agrobiodiversity to increase resilience, improve nutrition and enhance business competitiveness; conversations with farmers using agrobiodiversity as a powerful tool against the ravaging impact of climate change; live chef demonstrations showcasing under-utilized and neglected ingredients with a great potential to breakthrough into the mainstream food system; and the formal launch of the Food Forever 2030 vision, a new public-private initiative to explore the value chain of the most important crops for food and nutrition security and foster projects that contribute to better livelihoods’ for farmers, greater transparency, more sustainable businesses and long-lasting conservation of crop diversity.

Food Forever: reconciling global agendas on food, agriculture and biodiversity

Publisher: GLF

Language: English

Year: 2020

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