Bringing together leaders from some of the world’s most impacting environmental institutions, this plenary will show how it is possible to work in tandem with others to change landscapes, challenging the audience to consider how they can leverage their own spheres to do the same.

Building on the practical actions of the Voices from the Landscape and Youth speakers, and the personal motivations and visions shared in the Opening Plenary, this plenary provides a time to learn from a set of diverse practitioners who have figured out how to work most effectively in the field and to learn the secrets to their success. It is also an opportunity to discover what has changed on the ground since GLF Bonn 2017, particularly in the implementation of pledges and commitments.

To provide methods – and inspiration – for action, the plenary will explore what concrete contributions actors from different sectors and scales can make to achieve the 2030 agenda and a more sustainable future.

GLF Bonn 2018: Mobilizing collective action plenary

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