There is a close link between three areas of rural life in poor countries which are usually not regarded together: drought crises, natural resource management of landscapes, and social protection. How can local communities – supported by governments, development and humanitarian agencies – protect and restore landscapes, the natural resources therein and the livelihoods that rely on them, before, during and after drought crises? This session recorded at GLF Bonn 2020 explores research and policy pathways to improving the nexus of drought risk management, natural resource management and social protection across the African continent.

Originally titled “Drought risk management, natural resource management and social protection: new alliances for sustainability and resilience”, this session hosted by the German Development Institute aired on June 5th, 2020 at the GLF Bonn Digital Conference.

How rural communities can thrive in areas troubled by drought

Publisher: Global Landscapes Forum

Language: English

Year: 2020

Location(s): Africa

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