Augusta sits on Plan International Advisory Panel and is the Founder of Gatekeepers, an ethnographic research consultancy specialising in Indigenous communities & disparate groups.

A University student passionate about how policy and advocacy are used as mediums for change, Augusta has spent the last eight years working alongside NGOs, private interests and humanitarian groups working to bring about positive change in her community and the world at large. Recently, she has begun travelling around the world to understand how Indigenous communities and displaced people are excluded from policy decisions; sharing her preliminary findings with some of the leading figures within Development. This work, alongside her involvement with Plan International’s Youth Advisory Panel, has seen her consult with a number of stakeholders including DFID and UN institutions on youth-led policy and innovation. She’s sat down with Modern Abolitionists, challenged Foreign Ministers about their domestic and foreign policy, lived in both rural Africa and amongst Indigenous tribes to understand the needs of sustainable development and more inclusive policy.

She is a 2nd year BA History and Politics Undergraduate at University College London.

Follow Augusta on Twitter @augie_sen

Giving voice to underrepresented groups with Augusta Senenssie – GLF Luxembourg 2019

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