Dr. Christopher Stewart heads the Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability function for Olam International, a global “seed-to-shelf” agricultural business with operations in 70 countries. Christopher has more than 20 years of experience in various aspects of tropical ecology, natural resource management, and sustainability in farming, forestry and processing, including 17 years in the private sector. His experience spans policy and standards development, environmental and social assessments, implementing sustainable management practices, capacity building and compliance. Christopher joined Olam in 2013 to oversee the design and sustainable management of Olam’s palm and rubber plantations in Gabon. He now leads Olam’s drive to translate its Core Purpose of Reimagining Global Agriculture, into sustainable business strategies, addressing our common challenge of producing food sustainably within living landscapes, contributing to a triple positive impact on prosperous farming generations, thriving communities and healthy ecosystems.

Interview with Christopher Stewart – GLF Bonn 2018

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