Watch this discussion forum from the second day of the Global Landscapes Forum 2014, in Lima, Peru, during COP20. Multiple aspects of REDD+, such as reference levels, MRV, benefit sharing, and safeguards, require coordination among actors working in different levels and sectors, especially in the context of jurisdictional REDD+. This session explores the issues related to harmonizing REDD+ and low emissions development strategies across these different levels and sectors.

Anne Larson
Principal Scientist
Center for International Forestry Research


Edie Chang
Deputy Executive Officer
California Air Resources Board

Ana Euler
Forest Institute of Amapá

Ricardo Hernandez Sanchez
Undersecretary of Forest Development
Secretariat of Natural History and Environment

Anggela Michi
Regional Environment Authority
Madre de Dios, Peru

Sunday, 7 December 2014
Global Landscapes Forum, Lima, Peru
#COP20GLF #ThinkLandscape

Jurisdictional approaches to REDD+ and experiences with multi-level governance

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