Looking forward to 2019 and beyond, the GLF is quickly gaining momentum in its mission to create landscapes that are not only more productive, profitable, equitable and resilient but also securing the benefits and rights of the people within them.

We will take this opportunity to announce the GLF’s calendar and intentions for the new year. But first, to learn from the present, the Closing Plenary will reflect on the forum, summarizing what was learned, highlighting innovations and lessons that can be more broadly applied, and formulating the next steps to turn pledges into reality and commitments into action. It will address the question: What next? And perhaps most importantly, the plenary will focus on how to convert the networks, partnerships and sense of community brought together in the flesh at this event, to spark a movement of 1 billion people uniting together to answer the crucial questions, and bring about the collective vision of sustainable landscapes into our reality.

Koketso – Closing Plenary GLF Bonn 2018

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