The talk will focus on the development and implementation of the Landscape Investment and Finance Tool (LIFT), developed by EcoAgriculture Partners and IUCN NL. LIFT is designed to support landscape partnerships to analyze their financing needs, strengthen business ideas, identify potential sources of finance available to them, and to define successful strategies to secure this funding. It can also encourage stronger involvement of financial actors in landscape partnerships.

Towards this end, LIFT consists of three Stages, conducted sequentially.
Stage 1: Assess financing needs of priority investments in the landscape
Stage 2: Scope potential sources of funding for landscape investments
Stage 3: Devise a finance mobilization strategy

Each of the Stages is organized into a series of discrete Steps which guide the users through the LIFT process. The Steps require the users to undertake a range of activities including creating working groups, organizing workshops, developing business plans, engaging with potential investors, and creating a landscape finance plan. So far, LIFT has been tested in landscapes in Honduras, Philippines and Tanzania. Implementation partners include IUCN NL, Solidaridad, and the African Wildlife Foundation.

Landscape Investment and Finance Tool (LIFT)

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