As we look toward the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, now is the critical time to share knowledge, create new thinking and identify and scale innovative solutions for landscape restoration that is inclusive and ensures the rights of all stakeholders.

GLF Accra will begin with an energising session that aims to inspire participants, foster networking and relationship building and gather ideas and valuable inputs on the needs of the GLF community during this critical Decade.

We will begin with 4 catalyst speakers – individuals that we can look to for leadership, vision and pathways to collective action.

After each speaker has made their case for how landscape restoration is fundamental to their stakeholders needs, future livelihoods and wellbeing we will invite conference participants to join their chosen speaker in an interactive consultation. These facilitated consultations will provide participants with an opportunity to network, create communities, develop clear strategies and understand what it takes to maintain the energy and momentum of a successful movement. The information gathered will be presented in the ‘Sparking a Mass Restoration Movement’ plenary.

Morning Introduction: Connecting Communities – Catalysts for Restoration

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