Opening Plenary

14 May 2019

Location(s): Japan

  • Robert Nasi

    Director General, Vice-Chair, CIFOR-ICRAF, CPF

  • Daisaku Kadokawa

    Mayor of Kyoto

  • Mary Robinson

    Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Republic of Ireland

  • Hiroto Mitsugi

    Assistant Director-General of Forestry Department , FAO

  • Toru Hayami

    Representative director, Forest Revitalization Systems Co. Ltd. Deputy representative of FSC Japan

  • Mie Asaoka

    President and CEO, Kiko Network, attorney at Law, NPO法人気候ネットワーク代表・弁護士

  • Kosuke Mizuno

    Professor of Development Studies, Kyoto University, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature

  • Komal Kumar

    Youth Competition Winner, GLF Kyoto 2019