Put out the match on monocultures?

14 Nov 2020

Home to 10 percent of the world’s species and 350 ethnic groups, the Amazon rainforest is a cornerstone of biocultural diversity (WWF). But it’s on fire. And that’s no accident. The majority of fires in the Amazon biome stem not from natural climate cycles, but the illegal burning of forest land for cattle-ranching and soybean production.

In this session, experts from the Youth in Landscapes Initiative come together to discuss the impacts of agricultural expansion and monoculture farming on biodiversity, food security, livelihoods and Indigenous cultures in the Amazon region.

Language: English

Year: 2020

Ecosystem(s): Forests

Location(s): Latin America

agriculture agrobiodiversity Amazon biodiversity food forests livelihoods youth

  • Youth in Landscapes Initiative (YIL)