Seizing the landscape opportunity to catalyse transformative biodiversity governance

14 Nov 2020

HOSTS: Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) with Satoyama Initiative, LandScale, UNU-IAS, HoARECN – African Landscape Dialogue

The various changes around the world is gradually telling us about the need for a huge transformational shift in our biodiversity. This move calls for the collaboration of all actors espaecially the non state actors to help achieve the post 2020 global biodiversity goals. This session highlight and discuss the landscape based approaches and initiatives by non state actors to help in achieving the GBF.

Publisher: GLF

Language: English

Year: 2020

Location(s): Global

biodiversity restoration sustainability sustainable landscapes

  • Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL)

  • Satoyama Initiative

  • LandScale


  • HoARECN – African Landscape Dialogue

  • Marcel Kok

    Programme leader, International Biodiversity Policy, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

  • Johan Meijer

    Researcher, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

  • John Ajjugo

    Policy analyst , HoAREC&N - African Landscapes Dialogue

  • Maiko Nishi

    Research fellow, Satoyama Initiative - United Nations University

  • Nina Bhola

    Senior programme officer, UNEP-WCMC

  • Sophie Persey

    Senior Programme Manager, LandScale, Rainforest Alliance