In an era of globalization and intrinsically interlinked sustainable development targets of the Agenda 2030 we are confronted with dynamic trends like population growth, urbanisation, migration and climate change. All of them affect the functionality of landscapes and the livelihood of people living in them.

It is time to better integrate sectoral focused development strategies and find viable means to shape development paths in consideration of various dimensions in a place-based context. Territorial development focuses on the economic, natural, social, cultural and political potential of a territory and its people. It aims to reduce obstacles to social and economic development of a certain territory and unlock its hidden potentials whilst safeguarding the natural resources of its landscapes. This is why landscapes and their multiple functions for the livelihoods of rural people play a crucial role for territorial development.

With practical insights and discussion on how to manage the complexity of more integrated approaches to rural development at a landscape level, this side event looks at the interconnectivity of landscape approaches with territorial (rural) development.

The event aims at encourage policy makers and development agencies to embrace the complexity of integrated approaches and invest in enhancing territorial development. Moreover, the side event seeks to inspire local stakeholder groups to drive a better integration of planning with a long-term perspective for inclusive and sustainable territorial development.

Side Event 1: Territorial Development – Managing Landscapes for the Rural Future

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