Restoring 350 million hectares of degraded landscapes across the globe — 100 million of that in Africa — is a mammoth task that no single organization can implement on its own. Nothing less than a mass movement is needed to underpin the required scale of social, ecological and economic transformations across various landscapes. New forms of societal organization must be tested to align the actions of billions of stakeholders with this effort at community and global levels. As GLF’s engagement with a broad cross-section of organizations grows, new ways of engaging with people must be found. Connections must be made within, but also across communities of practice. By using local chapters to effectively organize GLF in a polycentric and decentralized way, experts and practitioners will be included in discussions on the most effective means to start a mass movement while broadening and consolidating this for success in many different contexts.

Sparking A Mass Restoration Movement – GLF Accra 2019

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