The point has been made that the most distinguishing factor of humans from other species is that we tell stories. We tell stories to remember the past, understand the present and divine the future. Stories underpin systems – belief, political, economic. They are the foundation of our relationships, experiences, self-understanding, communities and populations. This learning track will delve into how the stories we tell affect our collective landscape – the Earth – and its climate. From our linguistic building blocks to the digitization of communication, the track will weave through different parts and means of storytelling, hearing from experts who have dedicated their lives to mastering different forms and formats about the power of the story and how it can, it must, be mobilized in times of crises to create a future with a better story than the present.

The role of stories in the time of crises

Publisher: GLF

Language: English

Year: 2020

Location(s): Global

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