Years from now, historians will be discussing the reality that we are living and the tomorrow that we are defining. But what will they call this time? The age of climate denial? The age of extinction? The age of disunity, disharmony and disparity?

The story doesn’t have to pan out that way. If we’re smart, the decade ahead could mark the start of a new chapter in human and planetary history – a pivotal milestone in which we pull together, double-back on our current trajectory, and re-establish a symbiotic relationship with nature. But we have to be quick. With biodiversity in decline across the globe, and deforestation, agricultural expansion and urbanization all at full throttle, the critical window to change our ways could soon vanish, catapulting us and the planet into a future of uncertainty.

In this session, the youth leaders sparking hope for a more sustainable tomorrow tackle the challenging topic of transformative change, identifying key barriers to shift at scale, while offering fresh and innovative insight into the solutions and system-wide processes that could support humanity in making the critical transition from exploiting to restoring nature.

Transformative change and the age of collective action

Language: English

Year: 2020

Location(s): Global

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